The 95ers Universe

95ers - coin insignia

In the distant future, the Reckoning will devour the Earth.  Time machines provide an escape into the past, where refugees and fugitives seek new homes and lives.  But their troubles follow them…

Soon, their wars and intrigues span thousands of years, warping history and creating explosive timespace paradoxes.

Concept art by Kip RasmussenFor reasons known only to a few, the great timespace rift known as Interstate 95 is the most important battleground. And there, the 95ers—human time machines—are born. They are the warriors, the pawns, and the heroes who will either save the world, or unravel time and choice into oblivion.


A 95er particlizes


95ers TIME RUNNERS movie poster


The first feature film in the 95ers universe, 95ers: TIME RUNNERS, is currently in international distribution.  Other books, graphic novels, and movies are in development…

95ers was created by Tom and James Durham.





Illustrations by Kip Rasmussen, Justin Kunz, Adam Kuczek, and Tom Durham.

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