Iron Man 2 95er

95ers special effects guy Clark Schaffer was just written up in the Salt Lake City tribune.  Click here to read the article! (more…)

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Rolling on amid feasts and blizzards

95ers has been caught in a timespace vortex since Christmas it seems!  More accurately, we’ve been in the eye of a swirling storm of food and snow.  Yet filming has continued in undaunted procession towards its thrilling final scenes…  (Some very cool video in this post—read to the end…) (more…)

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95ers presents… THE Y-FILES

11 years ago, some special people (including a couple who are now 95ers) created a very special spoof.  You will find it hosted right here in all its vintage glory at the end of this very entry… (more…)

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Indie film’s new best friend – the 7D

In planning for my most recent week of shooting, I started where I always start—finding out how cheap I can get the camera. (more…)

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Shooting at 2am in the 31st century…

Cooked up ROUND 4 of shooting this last weekend—our eclectic 95ers cauldron bubbling with a skeleton crew, a new character, sets and costumes from the distant future, the Canon 7D, my wife kissing another man, etc. (more…)

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The first thanks giving

Some of you visiting this site for the first time are cast and crew of 95ers:ECHOES—and you’ve contributed your prodigious talents for little pay.  (Sometimes none!) Some of you have invested cash—full well knowing you might never see a dime. For incomprehensible reasons, some of you have been up with me in the freezing cold […]

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Death of an Indie

When people ask me about my movie, what they usually ask is something like: “So how do you get it out there?”  Or in other words, how does a nobody get their movie in theaters or at least on DVD?  In fundraising, the most typical question seems to have been: “Do you have distribution?”  And […]

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ECHOES deep in post

Triumphantly nestled within three years of a bloody back-and-forth trench warfare of hopes, dreams, and madness—four weeks of filming have taken place on the 95ers:Echoes movie.  It’s been almost a year since the last shoot… and there’s still more to go. (more…)

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In the beginning, there was…

On August 31, 1999, my brother James and I (“I” being Thomas Gomez Durham) began an exchange of emails and phone calls that has exploded into an epic science fiction universe.  “95ers” is home to characters and stories destined for legend, and offers a banquet of ideas for hungry minds and souls.Here I will chronicle […]

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95ers:ECHOES trailer 01 in HD

To see the trailer in HD, click on the Vimeo icon… then toggle on fullscreen mode. If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it’s missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe.

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