Meet The Preliator

95ers PRELIATOR – illustration by Kip Rasmussen

There is no clear record of the origin of the Preliators, but it is assumed on the LST that their first appearance was at the battle of Neo York in 2986, where a single entity entered and destroyed the fortress of Ferrum Dominae.  Since that event [LST], Preliators have appeared over a span of at least two thousand years on the SFT.

The proximity of the Preliator’s first appearance [LST] to the EOE lends lends credence to the theory that they are somehow connected to the Reckoning, if not created/sent by it.  However, the importance of the third battle of Neo York has been debated.

Other theories hold that they are bio-mechanical constructs, that they are immortal vestiges from a unknown time war, that they are time traveling aliens, that they are spontaneous creations of paramatter (according to the Anthropobalancing Technosynthesis Theory of Chronomechanics), etc.  Other than the obscure cults of worship that developed around them, which are surprisingly rare and short-lived, the Preliators are universally feared.

Describing their abilities has been attempted variously in technical, military, and supernatural terms.  Such a description will not be attempted in this brief.  However, there seem to be few limits on their physical strength, agility, apparent invulnerability, and power over directed energy.  However, their ability to travel in time is limited to normal displacement dynamics.

Notwithstanding certain engagements, the appearance of Preliators in large scale armed conflicts is rare.  They usually appear in small, fast, seemingly obscure operations, destroying or abducting individual human targets known to be traveling in time, especially 95ers.

No one has ever been known to have defeated, stopped, or escaped a Preliator.


LST = Linear Spiral Timeline
SFT = Standard Forward Timeline
EOE = End of Everything

(Preliator illustration by Kip Rasmussen.)

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