SO, I’m ready for the Con.  SLC COMIC CON is turning out to be one of the largest events of its kind—and it’s just in its first year!  And it’s probably going to be the biggest 95ers event so far.  The Chronos Protectorate hopes to see you there!

The magical mystical screening is on Saturday, September 7th at 2pm in room 355 of the Salt Palace.  Here’s the Facebook invite.  Cast and crew get in free!

I also get to be on a bunch of panels–pontificating on the ups and downs of the Trek franchise, how to avoid timespace paradoxes, and even why H.P. Lovecraft likes squids.

I’m a little nervous.  But I don’t really know why.  It could be because I’m still debating what to wear for the screening!  Ali says we should go in costume…

…though I’m way too fat to fit in that gettup these days!

Anyway, we’re excited about the Con and the upcoming release.  We’re continuing to negotiate the “new title” of the film with the North American distributors…  These guys do seem to actually have an imagination!

To abruptly change the topic, I know some of the readers of this blog are excited to hear about the NEXT project.  And soon you will…

To abruptly change the topic again, which kid’s piggy bank to should I plunder to scrounge up enough cash for an autograph from Mr. Shatner?

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