A new era begins…

95ers logoGreetings everyone!  I have an important announcement!  As of today, the mysterious Chronos Protectorate, whose rumor strikes fear into the hearts of time travelers everywhere, will be taking over 95ers.com.

What am I talking about?  Good question!

You have no doubt enjoyed the many scintillating blog posts here on this site as I have documented my journey through time, space, and filmmaking to make 95ers: TIME RUNNERS.  (Yes, the distributors wanted “Time Runners” instead of “Echoes.”)  But with the launch of this movie, the 95ers Universe itself has been launched, and my personal journey doesn’t really belong here anymore.  95ers.com should be about the journeys of Sally Biggs, Horatio, J.T. Kennings, Raven Adams, Hamilcar Grandon, Brego, the Captain, Cadillac Wilkins, Victoria Chevalier, Re Xue, Arisus, the Preliators, and many many others…

The future of 95ers

The 95ers Universe is vast, and I doubt any website could contain what’s coming.  From now on, the Chronos Protectorate will be managing this site and all the 95ers social media stuff.  Stay with us, and keep sharing!  In fact, the posts and cool stuff will be coming more often, and the site will get a complete redesign in the coming months.

Tom’s new portal

My own story continues of course.  My creative cauldrons are bubbling with fires wilder and hotter than ever.  Many people (real people and various voices in my head) have asked: “What is your next project?”  That adventure—including opportunities to connect and collaborate—is happening here, at my brand new website.

Check it out and sign up for all the social media stuff.  There are new projects already listed there, with more to come…

But before I hand this site over to the stern but impatient officials of the Protectorate, I wanted to do one last thing.  I wanted to share a little bit of the feedback this movie has gotten.  This is absolutely NOT to pat myself on the back, but to congratulate all of us on what we accomplished with so little.  (Our IMDB score stinks because of internet trolls.  You can fix that by rating the movie there!)

The following comments come from people in various parts of the world whom I did not know before making this movie, and most of them I have never met.  Again, this is here as a thank you to everyone who made this possible!  THANK YOU!

Suprimat: I never thought that a low budget movie will impress me so much. Very good movie. Thank you for sharing.

Scott: If ever there was any doubt about my small investment into the project, it has been erased. The movie was awesome… I could see comic books, sci-fi books, and many more movies carrying on the story…


Simbad909: for a low budget flick .. pretty darn cool flick . with some decent provacation of thought ..

Dan: Just got home from Comic Con in Louisville where I saw this film, the short & sweet review: FAN-DAMN-TASTIC!!!! I can’t wait to watch it again, one of, if not the best time travel movie I’ve seen. Done at a level of professionalism that belies it’s Indie Film status. I’d rate it a solid 4 to 4-1/2 stars…

ks: I thought [Ali] was an absolute stand-out as an actress… I can see a complete line of accessories with “95er” emblazoned across them…

Nikita: Awesome job! I really enjoyed it! :) Congrats to everyone involved. Wish you the best in the future, whichever timeline that may be on. ;)

Michael: This film has it all and delivers it in a well paced, believable tale of romance, suspense and intrigue that left this viewer with the sense that he had just experienced indie cinematic greatness of epic proportions…I would like to personally thank everyone involved with the production of 95ers:Echoes for their role in the creation of what can only be described as a gift of love to science fiction fandom.

I-95 through time

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