95ers U.S. DVD release!!!

95ERS sparkly banner

At long long LONG last, the domestic DVD release is upon us.

This is a short message…  GO BUY IT!  The DVD includes some sweet bonus material as well…  Also, the new 95ers.com website has just gone live!  Lots of behind-the-scenes goodies.  If you haven’t watched the 10 minute little documentary, you should!  Take care, and may your paradoxes be always minor.

95ers DVD banner 2

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One Response to “95ers U.S. DVD release!!!”

  1. masodo April 7, 2014 7:52 am

    How exciting! Ordered mine as soon as I got the announcement email.

    – Congrats 95ers on going all the way!

    “Hey Mr. Postman, check and see, if there’s a DVD in your bag for me…” :D

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