95ers – behind the scenes of an epic indie

95ers: ECHOES (TIME RUNNERS in the U.S., Canada, and UK) is the first major creative work in the 95ers universe.  The journey began in 1998 when Tom Durham and his brother James began developing a revolutionary new sci-fi universe.  15 years later, after countless setbacks, the first 95ers film is in international distribution thanks to artists, dreamers, and fans all over the world.

The behind-the-scenes story is almost as paranormal as the movie itself—inspiring storytellers of all kinds and making a stir at cons, fests, and in the media.

Click here to see the full movie credits, and here is the list of amazing donors.

A bunch of cool behind-the-scenes videos have been created about the adventure, with inspiration and lifesaving tips for filmmakers and creators of all kinds, as well as fun nuttiness for normal humans as well.

Lynda.com documentary

One of the internet’s most inspiring destinations for creative producers, got wind of the adventure and made a behind-the-scenes documentary for its creative spark series.


Official behind-the-scenes #1

A fun overview of the crazy basement-to-worldwide-distribution story of a ludicriously ambitious sci-fi indie…


Official behind-the-scenes #2

Where we break down some of the zillions of visual effects in the movie, which computery stuff as well as traditional models and miniatures…


Official behind-the-scenes #3

A fun look at indie distribution.  (And just a note, as cool as VimeoOnDemand is (which I talk about in this video) it is NOT a place for kids to be browsing.)


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