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95ers gets BEST REVIEWS EVER!!!

Many of the reviews of 95ers: ECHOES (aka 95ers: TIME RUNNERS) are timespace paradoxes indeed.  A microbudget indie sci-fi with a Christmas Carol twist has a cultishly-growing fan base of all ages all over the world. (more…)

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95ers sci-fi movie available worldwide

95ers goes worldwide!

Time travelers continue their epic march through time and across the globe! (more…)

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95ers U.S. DVD release!!!

At long long LONG last, the domestic DVD release is upon us. (more…)

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Preliator - illustration by Kip Rasmussen

Meet The Preliator

There is no clear record of the origin of the Preliators, but it is assumed on the LST that their first appearance was at the battle of Neo York in 2986, where a single entity entered and destroyed the fortress of Ferrum Dominae.  Since that event [LST], Preliators have appeared over a span of at […]

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Lynda.com does a doc on Tom and 95ers

Sweet new doc on 95ers

Greetings time travelers!  We are saving the world from timespace paradoxes and doing our bit to support artists and storytellers everywhere!  One of the mighty pulsars in the creative community, Lynda.com, heard about the 95ers story and descended on producer/director Tom Durham’s house to film a documentary on the topic… (more…)

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Meet Kennings – inventor of time travel

J. T. Kennings was most likely born in the early 26th century, shortly after the First Glimpse. (more…)

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A new era begins…

Greetings everyone!  I have an important announcement!  As of today, the mysterious Chronos Protectorate, whose rumor strikes fear into the hearts of time travelers everywhere, will be taking over 95ers.com. (more…)

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shatner sig


William Shatner’s autograph on the 95ers movie poster…  That about says it all. (more…)

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SO, I’m ready for the Con.  SLC COMIC CON is turning out to be one of the largest events of its kind—and it’s just in its first year!  And it’s probably going to be the biggest 95ers event so far.  The Chronos Protectorate hopes to see you there! (more…)

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A long-awaited moment has finally come…  95ers is officially going into U.S. and Canadian distribution…  And should be available to most of the rest of the world by the end of the year. (more…)

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